Summer Safety 101: Keeping Your Dog Comfortable in the Summer

Summer is officially here, and temperatures are only getting hotter. It’s the time for beach days, pool parties, and hot summer runs. We love taking our dogs everywhere with us, but it’s very important to remember that dogs need special treatment during hot temperatures the same way humans do. These are some tips for dogs in the summer heat to help you care for them and ensure that they have a comfortable summer.

Signs That Your Dog May Be Overheating

A dog’s body temperature is always higher than that of humans. Natural human temperature ranges between 97° and 99°F. Dog’s normal temperature is between 100° and 103°F. You should be aware that any temperature higher than that and your dog may be in danger. This is because they don’t sweat like we do. They drink water and pant to bring their body temperature down instead. Keep an eye on these symptoms of overheating.

  • Excessive panting.

  • Dry and pale gums.

  • Increased salivation with thick drool.

  • Confusion and weakness.

  • Diarrhea and vomiting.

In extreme situations, overheating may lead to seizures or cardiac arrest. Help your dog cool down by:

  • Taking them to a cool, shady area or an air-conditioned room.

  • Letting them take a dive in the nearest source of freshwater (lake, pool, beach).

  • Cooling them down with Spleash, the spray leash handle.

  • Placing cool, wet towels on their ears, neck, abdomen, and paws.

  • Giving them water to drink if they take it.

Asphalt Temperature for Dogs: How Hot Is Too Hot?

It is crucial to note that the temperature of asphalt is generally hotter than that of the air. Asphalt temperatures tend to be around 50 degrees hotter than air temperature, reaching temperatures of up to 140° F. Temperatures may become too hot for some dogs once they reach around 90° F. After that, take extra precaution for your dog’s paws and overall safety. To avoid your dog’s paws getting burned:

  • Walk them on grass or in meadows.

  • Walk during times when the ground is cooler, like early in the morning or later in the evening.

  • Follow the seven-second rule.

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