Your leash is perfect. But...

...without Spleash, that's all it is! Our PATENTED DESIGN attaches to almost ANY leash to provide a comfortable, convenient and functional water reservoir and bowl to keep your pup hydrated & safe wherever you go - from walks to hikes to beach runs.

#BYOL (BRING YOUR OWN LEASH)                   

Spleash vs. bottles & bowls

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If you don't Spleash YOUR Leash®, Spleash That Leash™

real REVIEWS from humans. Real love from pups.

  • ★★★★★

    Only the best for King James!

    “James is a rescue and I love to spoil him with all the cool dog things I see on Insta... I wanted to try Spleash when I saw it won the Pet Business award for innovation - It is way more comfortable to hold than any other leash, and I really like always having water on our walks.”

    Oscar & King James
  • ★★★★★

    Rocco says "13/10"!

    “It took a hot minute to get Rocco used to drinking from it... she was skeptical. BUT after giving it a fair shot he is all about it!! When we're at the park he comes back every few minutes for a little drink - no more unsanitary puddles or public park bowls for us, which is a HUGE plus!”

    Katy S. & Rocco
  • ★★★★★

    Family outings are way easier now.

    “We love going on long weekend hikes, but because we live in a hot climate buster overheats quickly. The Spleash helps keep him hydrated, cool him down, PLUS cleans off his paws before hopping back in the Car! I seriously don't know how we managed without this product.”

    Dylan & Cliff
  • ★★★★★

    This Girl Plays Dirty!

    “Cali is a very energetic pup who can always find the dirtiest place to play. I hated bringing her home after the park and having her track dirt through the whole house, and then the Splash changed it all - Now, I just spray her paws off after playtime and by the time we get home - Clean and dry!

    Cecilia & Cali

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