• Spleash the Ultimate Dog Walking Companion now comes with That Leash, a 6 foot nylon black leash.
  • Spleash® + That Leash™️ Combo
  • Spleash® + That Leash™️ Combo
  • Spleash® + That Leash™️ Combo
  • Spleash® + That Leash™️ Combo

Spleash® + That Leash™️ Combo

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Spleash®️ The Ultimate Dog Walking Companion now comes with That Leash™️.  That leash™️ is a 6-ft long and 1 inch wide black nylon leash that fits perfectly with Spleash®️. 

At Spleash we know the struggle to find a perfect fit when it comes to picking a leash. That's why we took the guesswork out of buying your next leash with That Leash! Our specially curated leash is sure to be a perfect fit, for you and your Spleash®️.

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It’s simple. Just grab your favorite leash and attach Spleash® using our unique patent-pending design. Spleash® does not include a leash, however, it works with any of your existing rope, leather or nylon leashes. When loading your lead into Spleash® be sure to line up the colored dot on the removable CAM with the one on the CAM wall of the Spleash®, If you match up both dots, press until you hear it click into place, and BAM you’re in business. Watch video for more detailed view.

Most standard size Leather, Rope, and Nylon leashes fit in Spleash®. Just follow the loading instructions above to load the leash. If you need additional assistance, we are here to help.

You should always make sure to use the Spleash® as directed and install it 6-8 inches away from the loop end of the leash. Place your hand through the loop end and hold the Spleash® securely. If for some reason you lose your grip on the Spleash® you are still able to hold onto your pet as you secured the leash to your wrist first.

Have a powerful pup? Need some help to get a STRONG GRIP? Spleash®has got you covered. Check out the MONSTER Truck Test, Spleash®passed with flying colors!!!

The beauty of Spleash® is that you can fill it up with as much water as you need. Whether you fill it up all the way or only take a sip of water out with you Spleash® has got your back. Holding up to 12 ounces of fresh drinking water Spleash® is an ideal tool for those long summertime walks.

We recommend that Spleash® be loaded near the loop end of your favorite leash. This insures that your pet has room to roam and Spleash® is in a comfortable position to hold. If you would like to relocate the handle it is easy to relocate by pressing the color dots on either side of Spleash® to remove the round CAM. Lay your leash inside the channel. Press the CAM into Spleash® over your leash until you hear the pins click into place. Pull on the dog end of the leash to make sure the CAM is locked in tightly.

In order to prevent erosion or other messes caused by water left about haphazardly, ensure that the Spleash® is empty before storing it. You can do this by draining the Spleash® before hanging it to dry. It can be stored by leaving on the leash and hung on a hook or hanging over a door. Leave the plug open so that it can dry out inside between uses. You can also remove from the leash and store laying down. Be sure to empty all water prior to storing your Spleash®.

Because Spleash® is used to refresh your pet with fresh drinking water you should never use harsh chemicals to clean Spleash®. Clean the device with warm soap and water, and please avoid putting the Spleash® in the dishwasher.

Spleash® drinking cup was created so that if you remove the plug, flip open the cup and slowly tilt downward the water will fill the cup but should not overflow. Much like the old fashion water cooler bottles it will fill up while the pup drinks, so careful not to let them drink all of it at once. But we have found it is quick and easy to just flip open the cup and pull the trigger about 10-15 times to get a nice sip of water for your pup.

Take care not to use Spleash® in below freezing temperatures. Make sure to empty it completely and let it dry out if you store it outside or in a cold garage. Spleash® should also not be stored full of water in direct sunlight or high temperatures.

For more detailed info check out our product insert.

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