Dogs get dehydrated, just like people do! When Fido starts panting halfway through your walk... give him a drink with Spleash®!

Attach Spleash® to your favorite leash, and you can quickly refresh your pet with a squeeze of your finger without having to grab or carry anything other than your leash. Spleash® holds up to 12 oz of fresh drinking water.

It also provides a great defense against off-leash animals approaching, with a 14-foot spray distance!

Did you step in something? Dirty paws? A quick spray from Spleash® helps you get cleaned up fast. Also great for unsightly burn marks in the grass.

Available in Arctic Teal or Orange! Free shipping on all orders in the USA.

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There are many ways to SPLEASH®

Walk with SPLEASH®:
✔ Better grip on your leash.

✔ More comfortable for your hands, no longer will you crush or cramp your fingers.

✔ Fits most standard size leather, rope, or nylon leashes.

✔ SPLEASH® a quick spray on the grass helps in the battle against unsightly burn marks.
Protect with SPLEASH®:
✔ SPLEASH® is a non-aggressive tactic to assert safety during walks

✔ With a 14-foot protective spray radius of water SPLEASH® may protect your dog, yourself, and potential off-leash animals
Refresh with SPLEASH®:
✔ SPLEASH® holds up to 12oz of water with an attached flip-open cup allowing you to refresh your pet during walks.

✔ Use a quick squirt of water on paws or at the back of the neck on a summer’s day to help keep your hot dog cool

SPLEASH® Testimonials

“Dogs sometimes have a mind of their own, especially when they see other dogs. As a dog lover and owner the Spleash’s spray feature comes in handy when situations between dogs get tense. I’ve seen it work in action and it diffuses tense situations quickly and humanely.”
- Jayne, owner & Zoey, dog - Carlsbad, CA
“I love how Spleash provides hydration to pets. Heat stroke is 100% avoidable and this will help keep dogs hydrated on their walks!”
“We have used a "Spleash" for a few weeks with our dog Nelson. He has enjoyed the Spleash as much as we have and it took 1 walk for him to figure out he could get water on his walks during a California heat wave. We have not needed to use the deterrent spray capabilities of the handle, but I am sure that the spray would buy some time in the event of an attacking meanie. The Spleash appears to be very well made, resilient, and I highly recommend this product without reservation.”
"Off-leash dogs has become an epidemic resulting in innocent dogs being attacked and killed. Most dog owners have never had the horrific experience of trying to break up a dog fight–– I have and, and I was severely injured. After that experience, I wouldn't think of walking my dogs without carrying protection. The Spleash is a multi-purpose tool every dog owner needs. For anyone who walks their dog regularly, it's not if but, when you will encounter an off-leash dog. Be prepared––protect yourself and your dog".
Harbor and I are just starting out learning how to trail ride Spleash is our newest addition to the Snookie family! We are so excited to have the opportunity to tell dog lovers alike that they now can chuck out that bulky water bottle. This device holds your dog’s water and leash! The handle is even convenient, staying on my bike handle while we adventure out in God's Country!
​​The Spleash spray leash handle is a pretty nifty, yes I said nifty 😂, leash attachment that is basically a handle that holds 12oz of water and easily attaches to most leashes.


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