Why Every Dog Owner Needs a Portable Water Bottle

As a dog owner, you know how important keeping your furry friend happy and healthy is. With the summer months upon us, you're probably planning outdoor activities with your pup. Whether hiking, camping, or exploring new places, you can't ignore the importance of keeping your furry friend hydrated. Dehydration can cause various health complications and even death in some cases. 

Fortunately, a portable water bottle for dogs is an easy and effective solution to avoid such risks! 

In this blog post, we'll discuss why every dog owner needs a portable water bottle and what benefits it offers to your furry friend.

The role of water in a dog's body

Water plays a crucial role in a dog's body as it aids digestion, supports its metabolism, and helps regulate its body temperature. It also helps to transport nutrients and remove waste and toxins from their system.


Dehydration in dogs can lead to lethargy, gastrointestinal distress, heat stroke, and even death. Therefore, keeping your dog hydrated is essential for their health and well-being.

Why is it essential to keep your dog properly hydrated?

Dogs dehydrate quickly

Dogs are susceptible to dehydration like humans and can quickly dehydrate, especially in hot weather. When your dog is dehydrated, it can make them more vulnerable to heatstroke and other heat-related health problems. 


If not treated promptly, dehydration can lead to organ failure, seizures, and even death.

Hydration can prevent health issues.

Ensuring your dog is properly hydrated can help prevent various health issues. These may include urinary tract problems, kidney stones, and urinary incontinence. 


These problems can be painful and expensive, so it is better to take preventive measures by ensuring your dog stays hydrated.

Promotes vitality and life longevity.

Water is vital for your dog's overall health and wellbeing. It promotes healthy skin and coat, aids digestion, and helps maintain healthy organs and muscles. 


When your dog is properly hydrated, it will help prevent illness and promote overall vitality and longevity. A healthy, happy dog is well-hydrated.

The benefits of portable water bottles for dogs

#1 Convenient and easy to use

One of the most significant benefits of a portable water bottle for dogs is they are incredibly convenient and easy to use. These are designed to include a water dispenser that makes it easy for your dog to drink without needing a separate bowl. 


For example, with the amazing portable water bottle from Spleash, you can conveniently refresh your pet with just the squeeze of a finger without grabbing or carrying anything other than your leash. With Spleash you can simply flip open the attached cup, pull out the plug or squeeze the spray-trigger, and the water dispenser wiSpleash’s portable water bottle release clean water for your furry friend to sip on. 


This feature makes it ideal for travel, hiking, and any other activities you want with your pup.

#2 Keeps water fresh

Traditional water bowls can collect debris and may not be the cleanest option for your dog. However, with a portable water bottle, you can ensure your dog gets clean, fresh water every time they drink. 


This protects the dispenser from dust, dirt, and other contaminants, keeping the water's quality high.

#3 Ideal for outside activities

Dogs who engage in more physical activities, such as hiking, running, or playing. Keeping them hydrated is crucial to avoid dehydration and other health issues.


A portable water bottle for dogs allows you to provide your furry friend with water when needed most, ensuring their body is properly hydrated.

#4 Versatile

Portable water bottles for dogs come in various sizes and designs to cater to different breeds and needs. For added convenience, you can choose a bottle that fits in your pocket or one with a shoulder strap. Like the one from Spleash, it attaches directly to the leash and becomes the handle of your leash. Additionally, some water bottles come with a food compartment, making storing some treats on the go easy.

Role of responsible pet ownership

Being a responsible pet owner entails taking on the responsibility of meeting your furry friend's needs and ensuring their overall well-being. You must provide your pet with enough food, exercise, and water. 


Among the various aspects of responsible pet ownership, providing your dog with access to water is of utmost importance. A portable water bottle serves as a vital tool in fulfilling this responsibility. It indicates your commitment to your pet's health and happiness.


Embracing this role of responsible pet ownership ensures that your dog remains healthy, comfortable, and happy, allowing you to enjoy many memorable moments together.

At Spleash, we make hydration a priority!

A portable water bottle is essential for any dog owner who wants to keep their pup safe and healthy during outdoor activities. Dehydration is a dangerous condition that can lead to serious health complications in dogs. That’s why we at Spleash offer the BEST on-the-go companion to ensure your dog can access clean and fresh water while on the go! 


Remember, prevention is always better than treatment. Visit us at and carry a portable water bottle today!


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