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Welcome to the first ever Spleash Holiday Gift Guide! After being featured in our fair share of guides over the years we’ve finally decided to make one of our very own. As pet parents ourselves, we’ve had the chance to test out some of the best products on the market, and we’re here to share our outstanding finds with you! 

Unlike your average list, ours is focused on the whole dog! What that means is that we’ve carefully researched and curated a list of all the best products for almost every aspect of a dog’s life. From walking and playing, to grooming and behavior, we’ve gathered it all together just for you! 


We all know the magic words that pump up every pup so much that we can’t even say them aloud, we have to spell them! Whether it’s just a quick jaunt around the block to go potty or a full on adventure, these five products are guaranteed to make your journey a breeze!

Now, who’s ready for a W-A-L-K?

Harness Lead

We here at Spleash absolutely adore the HarnessLead! This simple yet innovative leash has taken the hassle out of walking our dogs (especially the pullers!) With a sturdy rope material that loops around your dog’s neck and chest that reduces pulling and prevents escape, HarnessLead is able to provide comfort and control all at once. It’s the perfect gift for pullers and Houdini's alike! 

Take the lead

Headlight Harness

You've heard of the Holiday Light Fight, now get ready for the Puppy Light Fight! (a.k.a the massive play sesh your pups will have after they open their gifts and find a brand new Headlight Harness.) This amazing product takes the worry out of walking during the early mornings or late evenings thanks to its clever and fashionable design. It's the perfect accessory for early birds, night owls, or any other kind of feathered friend you may know!

Light up the night

Give a sh!t

If you’re anything like us, then you believe that the earth is a precious and finite resource that must be protected. You also probably spend a lot of your time picking up after your four-legged best friend. And if you’re still using plastic waste bags, then you might be canceling yourself out. Well, now you can rest easy with Earth-friendly Give a Sh!t bags! These amazing bags are biodegradable, so no more plastic guilt after your walks and hikes. Let nothing stand between you and nature, especially not when you can Give a Sh!t. 

Start giving a sh!t


Now that you have those guilt-free bags it’s time to put them to use! But what will you do with all those “presents” your pup is so fond of leaving behind? Why, you can put them on your DooLoop! This amazing little piece of innovative thinking is the perfect accessory for everyone who’s ever had to walk more than one dog at once (or just one really generous pooch.) All you do is clip it to your leash and you’re ready to go! 

Get in the loop

Silver Paw

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting a pup who kicks after every BM, then you know the struggles of on-the-go hygiene. But don’t fret! We’ve got the perfect solution for your walking whoopsies in Silver Paw. These compact sanitizing towelettes are perfect for cleaning Fido’s paws and your hands whenever there’s a mess that needs tackling, just add water! Not only are they portable and easy to use but they’re also pet safe thanks to the innovative use of silver as a disinfectant. Give your friends the gift of clean paws with Silver Paw!

Clean paws ahead


You know, they say “a little play keeps the vet away!” Make sure your pooch stays active and engaged with the hottest toys from these small businesses. 


As you may know, if you’ve ever lost a table leg or a base board to the Chewing Fields, dogs love to chew; on wood, on rubber, on plastic, and especially on bone. If they can fit it in their mouths, chances are they’re already gnawing on it! And like most responsible pet parent’s you’re probably worried about what all that gunk may do to their stomachs. That’s where the BetterBone comes in! Now you can give the dogs in your life something to chew on that is both safe and easy to digest. BetterBones are made of a special wood pulp that Fido can eat and pass with no trouble and that come in several drool inspiring flavors! 

Save your furniture and throw your dog a bone!

Woof & Co.

If you’re looking to bring some cheer this holiday season for pets and owners alike, then look no further than the absolutely adorable toys from Woof & Co! These eco-friendly toys are a delight to behold and a percentage of their proceeds goes towards supporting animal shelters. So you can give the gift of cuteness and giving!

Cuteness overload here


You don’t have to be a rookie cop and a rogue detective to have your Training Day. All you really need is a good treat and a lot of patience! 

Bark Pouch

Okay friends, buckle up because this next one is a real game changer! Save time with less hassle when you use Bark Pouch to train your pup. No more belt clipped bags, crumbs in your pockets, or packs to fumble with, now you can keep your dog’s eyes on the prize with just a quick squeeze! Each Bark Pouch is packed with nutrition and flavor, making them the perfect high value treat that leaves behind zero mess! 

Start barking today


While you chow down on all your holiday faves this year, we hope you’re saving some of that giving spirit for your four-legged friends. Luckily, you won’t have to share your cookies with them, because they’ll have some spectacular treats of their very own!

Ava's Pet Palace

Now that training is underway you’ll probably be on the lookout for other delicious, nutritious, and all natural treats to keep those tails wagging. That’s where Ava’s Pet Palace comes in! Started in 2016 by a then 8 year old Ava, this treat company is focused on making all the right choices for your pets. Whether you’re shopping for the cat or dog lovers in your life, you’ll be sure to find something special at Ava’s Pet Palace!

Join the party 


While pre-made treats are certainly more convenient, it’s a well known fact that homemade is always something special! That's why we love all the adorably paw-some treat baking kits from Pet Cakes. Now you have the perfect gift for those bakers with barkers on your list!

Start baking today

Katio Dogio

Tasty treats aren’t the only way to pamper your pup! It's easy to forget that our dogs and cats weren’t designed to live as our pets, meaning they weren’t meant to eat their food straight out of bowls on the floor. In fact there is evidence to show that having an elevated eating surface is good for their digestion and can even help ease whisker stress in cats! That’s why these super cool floating food dishes from Katio Dogio are such a great find. Now you can not only keep your pet happy and healthy, but it makes cleaning the house easier too!

Chow up now


For most of us, the holidays are the only chance we get to unwind and relax. Ironic considering how much stress comes along with the giving season! But for our pets it can be an incredibly stressful time. People are coming and going, there are new sounds and smells, and they usually get fed some questionable scraps by well meaning family members. Come to the rescue this holiday season with these helpful products!

Healthy Paws Herbal Labs

From tummy troubles to nervous nellies we all have a few pets in our lives who are, well… a bit extra. Give them the chance to run, jump, and play like the healthy pup they want to be, when you use No More Drama (a lifesaver during New Years fireworks, let me tell you) and Poo Poo Problems (a lifesaver every day of the year) from Healthy Paws Herbal Labs! This team of innovative thinkers started with the hope of making pet’s lives easier using natural and holistic supplements, and by all accounts they’ve more than succeeded. Just use the recommended amount and your troubled pup will be ready to go!

Start healing today

Mella Pet


While we’re taking care of pups as well as business, we’d be remiss if we didn’t bring up this must have pet product! Mella is the world’s first, smart underarm pet thermometer, and a complete game changer for pet owners everywhere. Finally, you can take your pet’s temperature, get the results automatically recorded, and send them to your vet in real time! 

Get down to business without going near the business end


From the moment your mom first licked her thumb to wipe off your hard earned cookie-stache, you’ve probably known that looking your best for the holidays is a well observed tradition. Why should our pets be left stinky, covered in questionable stains, and dressed to unimpress? Give your furry friends the courtesy of looking dashing, even through the snow! 


We all know that struggle, you’ve got a dirty dog, a bottle of shampoo, and nothing else save for your raw determination. And while we respect that grind, we also believe that washing your four-legged bestie shouldn’t be like marching into battle. That’s why we love Rinseroo! This amazing device attaches to your shower head and makes washing Fido as easy as one, two, three. 

P.S We’ve also heard it’s great for cleaning up after someone shakes all over the place.

Rinse your worries away

Urban Dog Stars

Ask anyone with a head for fashion and they’ll tell you that there are two important factors to a good appearance, cleanliness and a killer outfit. Even pets love to strut their stuff and there’s no brand better to do it in than Urban Dog Stars! These stylish yet functional harnesses, leashes, and collars go a long way towards making your pup look like a star fit to top any tree. 

Become a star!

Pack Leashes

Putting your best paw forward by looking like a million barks is a total no brainer. Of course, looking dapper also means taking the occasion into consideration. That's why we love the adorable and festive collections from Pack Leashes!

Now your pup can dress to impress even Santa Paws! 



Above all else, the holidays are about remembering. They’re about the memory of those past, the appreciation of those present, and our hopes for the future. Make the most of your memories, new and old, with these special gifts. 


Orphans and the Holidays seem to go hand in hand, especially if Dickens has anything to say about it. And, as much as we hate to admit it, the vast majority of our pets were originally orphans too. Rescues the world over have been given the closest date possible, someone’s favorite day and month, or just the very day they were adopted as their birthdays. But all the guesswork stops with EpiPaws! This quick and easy genetic test will identify your pup’s real birth date, so you can have the most accurate information possible for their health and your peace of mind. 

Happy Birthday, dear Fido!

Hot Paws

If you ask us, memories are more valuable than gold, and preserving them even more so. This year you can give your loved ones a gift worth more than its weight in gold with Hot Sand. These artisan glass makers have gone above and beyond so that your beloved best friend will always be with you. All you do is order one of their Hot Paws kits, take a foam pressing of your pet’s paw, and send it back to the artists. Within days you will have an absolutely beautiful glass imprint of your pet that can be a lovely memento and even makes a stunning ornament! 

Its getting Hot Paws in here! 

We love supporting small businesses just like ours and we hope that you take the time to check out these exceptional companies by shopping small this holiday season! 

Written by Katherine Cooke


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