PAWsitively Fit | 6 Surefire Methods to Exercise with Your Dog

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never owned a dog.”

 Looking to work out more in 2021? Wondering how you’re going to fit it in with all your other commitments (feed the kids, walk the dog, walk the kids, feed the dog…) We’re here to help! Working out and staying fit and healthy is so important, but, let’s face it, so are our dogs. So we’ve come up with the perfect solution: working out with your dog. Whether you’re a tennis player, a swimmer, or a drop-down-do-50-pushups’er, there’s a way to keep both you and your furry friend fit (and have some fun while you’re doing it.)


Don’t know what doga is yet?

Don’t know what doga is yet? Oh, have we got a treat for you! Doga (or dog yoga for those not yet initiated) is literally yoga with your dog. And it’s awesome. You can even go to an official doga class. From stretching and balancing to meditating and massaging, there’s a lot of bonding to be had during doga. And in case you’re wondering if dogs can actually practice yoga, remind yourself of the most well-known yoga pose of all time. Exactly.

Spleash Tip: If you can’t find a doga class in your area, try it at home. There are plenty of videos online that can talk you through the furry flow.



If you got a smallish, not-crazy-heavy dog who doesn’t mind being moved around, chances are they’ll love a puppy push up or 10. Simply maneuver your dog onto your back with their front legs across your shoulders, and get going with your push up reps. The extra weight will increase the intensity, and your dog gets a little extra snuggle time while you’re at it.

Spleash Tip: Don’t do this with a Great Dane.



While running with your dog is nothing new, trail running is extra special as dogs get to enjoy the wild nature as much as you do. It’s also better for their sensitive paws than tarmac, and they’ll get to sniff a flower or two along the way. The best part? When you feel you can’t go any further, old Rover will motivate you to keep going. Because… dinner.

Spleash Tip: Remember dogs can dehydrate quickly when running long distances, so make sure you’ve got your Spleash filled up with water before leaving the house and take the time to pause and give your dog a drink mid-run. Also, ticks love trails too, so make sure you’re up to date on your dog’s monthly meds.



Babies don’t have the monopoly on family swim time: (most of) our dogs love to get in the water with us too! While you might not want to bring your dog with you to the Masters swim session, hopping into a local lake, the ocean, or even your own backyard pool is a great way to workout together. Throw them a frisbee, race each other to the deep end, and chill poolside with a cold Barkarita after all the fun. Forgot the Barkarita (how could you?!)? Then hydrate them with some good ol’ fashioned H2O from your Spleash so they aren’t tempted to drink the ocean or pool water.

Spleash Tip: Don’t assume your dog instinctively knows how to swim. Checkout these quick tips from the AKC on how to teach your dog to swim, and never leave them unattended.



They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in something, which, when it comes to tennis, means a lot of ballboy work. Why not ace that serve with a little help from your canine friend instead? If your dog loves to play fetch, bring him to the tennis court at your local park and have him bring the balls back to you. He’ll think you’re the best dog parent ever and you’ll get one step closer to Wimbledon. Champagne and strawberries, anyone?

Spleash Tip: While your dog is going to love chasing your tennis balls, he also loves chasing buzzing insects. Bee stings can be very dangerous for some dogs, so keep an eye out when you’re outside. If you notice him paying too much attention to a bee (or worse, a few of them together) don’t forget to use the spray function on your Spleash. Better safe than sorry.

After a game or two of Marco Polo, a few canine tennis sessions or some zen doga walks are going to seem so last year. But don’t forget -- a few miles walked a day together makes for pretty good exercise too.

Happy New Year!

By Zoe Oksanen


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