7 Must-Have Dog Walking Essentials | Rainy Day Adventures

We’re going to kick this post off with a little disclaimer: Spleash is based in Southern California and, well, it practically NEVER rains! So yes, we get the irony of us writing this post. However… we are about all things dog and dog walking, and you’d better believe us when we say that that random day of rain a year gets us pulling out all the stops around here (kind of like how you’ll see us wearing UGG boots and down jackets when the temps drop below 65 degrees.) 

From wet coats to muddy paws, chemical puddles and low visibility, there’s plenty to think about when taking your canine buddy out for a walk on a wet, windy day. And we do a lot of thinking around here, so we thought we’d share some things that have worked for us (and, more importantly, our dogs) over the years. We hope you’ll find a useful nugget or two for your own rainy dog walking escapades.


Rain is cold. Fact. And just because your dog has fur doesn’t mean he’s immune to it. Short haired, single coat dogs are more susceptible to the cold, but any dog will turn into a wet, soggy mess after a few minutes outside during a downpour. So do both of you a favor and invest in a raincoat at minimum. Whether you pick a lightweight, inexpensive poncho like this one or go for the full zip up, hooded type like this one, you’ll save them the shivers and you some serious towel drying after the walk. For boots, these waterproof rubber rain boots should do the job!

HYDRATION (that doesn’t include puddles

Just because it’s raining out doesn’t mean your dog won’t get thirsty, and when there are a ton of rainwater puddles around, that can be a problem. Standing puddles can contain microscopic amounts of chemicals and animal droppings (as well as dirt and debris.) Dogs can even contract diseases like Leptospirosis by drinking out of puddles. The takeaway? Don’t let them! Instead, make sure you’re prepared with hydration for your pet like you would be on any other walk. To make life really easy on yourself, just fill your Spleash and you’ll always be good to go.


When it rains, it’s harder for us to see clearly in the distance. Drivers, in particular, have their vision obscured which means we need to stand out more when walking our dogs in the rain. If you decided to go for a raincoat, look for one that has reflective strips on it. Alternatively, put some (like these) on your own clothing or backpack or your dog’s harness. Anything that helps you be seen is a bonus.


We mentioned we are from Southern California, right? Not sure if this one is going too far for many of you dog owners out there but we felt you should know that dog umbrellas are a thing and you can buy one. That’s all we’re going to say on the topic.


Let’s assume you drove to your favorite muddy walk on a rainy day. How do you get home without forever tarnishing the leather interior of your car? A car seat cover of course! While you can lay down blankets and towels in the car, our dogs always seem to find a way to lay down on the one spot they slipped off the seat. Are we right? We recommend a hammock style one like this one and don’t forget to secure your pup for the ride home.


After your wonderful rainy escapade you finally made it home. Hooray! Now what do you do with that wet dog of yours? May we suggest you leave an uber absorbent, quick dry towel inside your door before you leave on your walk? That way you’re ready to dry off even the least compliant dog in a hot minute thanks to the sponge-like qualities of a microfiber towel like this one.


If you’ve got a big fluff ball like @elvisfromencinitas above, you’ll know that despite all the above efforts, you’ve probably still got a big, wet ball of fur trying to make its way to your sofa. When all else fails, try a doggy hair dryer or furblaster. Designed to get their coats dry in no time, they are a great last resort. This one here doubles up as a great at-home grooming tool. 


Now we’re all prepared and ready for a rainy dog walking adventure, would someone mind sending a few showers our way?

By Zoe Oksanen


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