• Spleash the amazing handle that....
  • Holds 12oz of fresh water
  • Sprays at least 14 feet 
  • Attaches to any standard rope, leather, or nylon leash so you can....
  • Cool your pup down on long walks and hikes
  • Clean up accidents and messes
  • Discourage off-leash animals from approaching
  • Stay hydrated on the go
  • And make traveling with your pet easier than ever! 

Meet the ultimate dog walking companion.

Walk. Protect. Refresh. All with the ease and comfort of one easy-to-grip Spray Leash Handle. Join our pack, and Spleash Your Leash!



Your leash does the job. But...

...without Spleash, that's all it is! Our PATENTED DESIGN attaches to almost ANY leash to provide a comfortable, convenient and functional water reservoir and bowl to keep your pup hydrated & safe wherever you go - from walks to hikes to beach runs.

real REVIEWS from humans. Real love from pups.

  • ★★★★★

    Only the best for King James!

    “James is a rescue and I love to spoil him with all the cool dog things I see on Insta... I wanted to try Spleash when I saw it won the Pet Business award for innovation - It is way more comfortable to hold than any other leash, and I really like always having water on our walks.”

    Oscar & King James
  • ★★★★★

    Rocco says "13/10"!

    “It took a hot minute to get Rocco used to drinking from it... she was skeptical. BUT after giving it a fair shot he is all about it!! When we're at the park he comes back every few minutes for a little drink - no more unsanitary puddles or public park bowls for us, which is a HUGE plus!”

    Katy S. & Rocco
  • ★★★★★

    Family outings are way easier now.

    “We love going on long weekend hikes, but because we live in a hot climate buster overheats quickly. The Spleash helps keep him hydrated, cool him down, PLUS cleans off his paws before hopping back in the Car! I seriously don't know how we managed without this product.”

    Dylan & Cliff
  • ★★★★★

    This Girl Plays Dirty!

    “Cali is a very energetic pup who can always find the dirtiest place to play. I hated bringing her home after the park and having her track dirt through the whole house, and then the Splash changed it all - Now, I just spray her paws off after playtime and by the time we get home - Clean and dry!

    Cecilia & Cali

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